Digital Learning 24/7

After reading this post I think I realize that I was rather ignorant of how much technology is actually being used in the classroom. I figured that not all that much had changed since I was in school and that students were using it here and there and they had laptop access in their classroom but not actually spending a majority to almost all of their day using technology.

Reading through the article there were several things that struck me.

For one, according to the survey virtual students are twice as likely to text message their teacher with school work questions then students who are face to face in a classroom are to ask a question. I think that we can all agree that we are more comfortable asking things and talking over text then even in a phone conversation and it is clear that this extends to learning as well. I mean if you are more comfortable asking Becky to homecoming over text why wouldn’t you be more comfortable asking Mr. Robertson for clarification on that homework assignment that way? He’s way scarier than Becky! If we have found a niche for students to ask us questions it would make me wonder if I should get a prepaid phone just for my students to text me on if they have questions.

Another point made in the article that interested me since I am looking into this area for my research methods class was that students felt more engaged when using technology then otherwise in the classroom. For my research I am looking into engagement and field trips and if technology is helping students so much and field trips are so expensive and hard to get approval for why not take advantage of virtual field trips and organize lessons for my students that way. So they get to visit the place and learn from it there and also do it in a method that seems to be working well for them.


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