Digital Story — If You Make a Monarch Absolute

Here is my digital story that I made with photo story and pixlr.

All the photos are mine that I took while visiting Versailles while in France a few years back (I tried to use Louis to cover some awkward people in the background including myself). I wanted to use my own photos not just because of copyright issues but also because as a history teacher I feel like it is important to share pictures of my travels with my students particularly about places that we are learning about at that time. They hold more meaning if they are mine then if they come from google.

Part of what made me want to become a history teacher was the day my 10th grade history teacher showed me his pictures from Versailles and I told myself in that moment that I would get there someday and it was such an incredible feeling to stand at those gates 6 years later and I hope to bring that same feeling to my own students.

I used pixlr to edit the images and do some basic photoshop mostly with our good friend Louis XIV. I made the actual video in photostory and added music in that I created in that software.

I felt like this was a fun way to show my students Versailles and still teach the idea of what an absolute monarch is to them.


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