Equity in Technology Education

After watching the video on bridging the digital divide it got me thinking about how much we as teachers take for granted when it comes to the assignments that we assign which require the use of not only computers but the internet and the fact that not all of our students have access to these things.

I myself tend to forget that not all students have the internet and I was fortunate to go to a school system which provided laptops to all students. Since we had these laptops it was felt that there was no excuse for us to not do homework assignments which required the use of the internet. What they did not take into account was the fact that many of these students who did not have a computer to use did not have internet either. I knew many students who went to McDonald’s or Starbucks after school to use the free wifi to do the homework.

I think that schools need to either push for community wide wifi access or realize that it is not fair to assign a homework assignment which requires the use of the internet because some of the students just may simply not be able to do the homework because they do not have the means to. I know that after watching these videos that as a teacher I will try my hardest to take note at the beginning of the year and see if my students have access to the internet before I make the decision to use these assignments in my classroom.

I think that another point which needs to be made is the use of internet with elementary school children. Many children especially younger ones have strict rules and parents have may websites blocked on their home computers. It is not fair to ask these students to do something that their parents are not comfortable with them doing. I think that educators need to understand that while we are in a digital age that there are still limits on our students access to to internet and computers.


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